Everyone is aware of the situation with North Korea – when we try to send them food many times the army requisitions it all. This is by design – the North Korean leader is only interested in staying in power – and he will use any means at his disposal to get as much foreign aid as possible. What are we to do?

We are not able to enter the country – and the only time we can enter and roam freely is during periods of great famine. However North Korea is not the only country where this issue happens – it is only the one where the reality is so stark – and being the last vestige of all powerful communism rule – it is the one people are most fascinated with.

Unfortunately there are many areas where this issue is happening – and so we must ask how we can improve the lot of people in life – especially in countries with – and this is a common issue – repressive regimes. It’s not that repressive regimes necessarily want to make life tougher for its residents – it’s just that the regime’s need to stay in power is more important than improving the lot of the people in the country.

Recently we have had the Sri Lankan bombing – we can see how quickly the international community can respond and help – and while Sri Lanka is not known as the best first world country – and is in a country known for corruption – aid services can assist in these areas.

So the solution is a systemised way that aid agencies can assist the impoverished people in these countries. We must look to aid agencies that have been able to do this successfully and replicate their efforts – the Red Cross does amazing work – but there are many organisations that can play into a dictator’s hands because they are not aware of the tricks and sleighs of hand that are implemented by a regime.

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